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The UK’s Leading Corian Worktop Supplier

Are you looking for quality Corian worktops for your home? Then you’ll be pleased to know you’ve found the right place. Here at Total Tops, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian countertops and sinks.

We deliver and install the highest quality Corian worktops in London and the South East, from Essex to Suffolk and beyond.

With over 20 years of experience within the worktop supply and installation industry, we’ve not only become a go-to source of knowledge and expertise for Corian worktops specifically, but we’ve become the go-to company when you’re looking to source first-class quality with affordability.


Corian Worktops & Corian Work Surfaces

The Perfect Corian Worktop
For Any Home

While Corian isn’t as widely known as granite or quartz, it’s an amazingly durable, tough material that’s as beautiful as it is functional. This worktop is strong yet super easy to repair, making it a great asset in rooms with high traffic such as the kitchen or bathroom.

It’s also incredibly hygienic, thanks to the fact that it’s non-porous. This means bacteria and other liquids will not soak into the material, making a spillage or residue from food, easily cleaned away with a simple cloth and soapy water combo.

Areas We Cover

Corian Worktops Colours



Arctic Ice


Ash Aggregate

Ash Concrete


Athena Gray


Basalt Terrazzo

Beech Nuwood

Beech Nuwood


blooming green corian

Blooming Green

Cameo White

Carbon Aggregate

Carbon Concrete

Citrus Orange

Clam Shell

Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Prima

Cool Gray

Corian Willow

Cosmos Prima

Deep Anthracite

deep black quartz

Deep Black Quartz

Deep Caviar

Deep Cloud

Deep Espresso

Deep Mink

Deep Night Sky

Deep Nocturne

Deep Sable

Deep Storm

Deep Titanium

designer white corian

Designer White

Domino Terrazzo


Dune Prima

Elegant Gray

Evening Prima corian

Evening Prima


Glacier Ice

Glacier white corian

Glacier White

Golden Onyx



Grey Onyx


imperial yellow corian

Imperial Yellow

Jade Onyx

juniper corian




Lava Rock

Light Ash

Limestone Prima


mahogany nuwood corian

Mahogany Nuwood




Mint Ice

Neutral Aggregate

Neutral Concrete

Nimbus Prima

Pearl Gray

Pebble Terrazzo Corian

Pebble Terrazzo



Rain Cloud



sahara corian


sandalwood corian




Sepia Linear

Sienna Brown

Silver Birch

Silver Gray

silver linear

Silver Linear

Smoke Drift Prima


Sparkling White


Summit White



Venaro White

verdant corian


Warm Gray

Weathered Aggregate

Weathered Concrete


White Jasmine

White Onyx

Windswept Prima

witch hazel corian

Witch Hazel

Seamless Design

We use colour coordinated adhesives that create invisible joints, which creates a stunning seamless finish that cannot be achieved with other materials.

Seamless Corian Sinks

There are a wide variety of different sink options and designs available when you choose Corian. It is possible to create a unique sink to suit your needs in terms of bowl size and layout. Not only that, but unlike conventional stainless steel or ceramic sink options, Corian sinks can be included seamlessly into your worktops.

Seamless Corian Upstands

It is also possible to incorporate Corian upstands and splashbacks into the process to create a one-piece solution. That means there are no joints between the worktop and the walls. This can create a really aesthetically pleasing finish, and it is also incredibly hygienic too because edge treatments and joints are known to trap dirt and bacteria.

Find out more about the options for seamless sinks and upstands by talking to one of our team today.

Benefits Of Corian Kitchen Worktops

With such in-demand qualities, Corian work surfaces are becoming more popular than ever before, especially in particular busy households. Whether it’s accidental hot pans or dropped crockery, Corian worktops have the ability to withstand the bumps and accidents that busy family life can bring and it does so with style too.

Southeast UK & London

From Norfolk to London, Liverpool to Brighton, we offer coverage throughout the South East and London, of our incredible Corian countertops.

From initial design through to installation, our team will provide you with the first class service we’ve become known for.

Great Functionality

Corian is known for its functionality. It’s incredibly tough and durable making it the ideal solution for high traffic areas. It’s resistant to heat, bumps and scrapes; often coming out of mild collisions with stray pots and pans unscathed. Should it suffer damage however, the beauty about Corian is that it can be easily repaired, a service we also provide too. This means regardless of accidental damage, you could still enjoy a beautiful worktop that looks as good as new, years down the line.

Quality Aesthetics

Unlike other materials such as granite, Corian can actually be customised to a colour and finish to suit you.

Whatever colour, pattern or finish you’re looking for, Corian can be made to achieve exactly that and provide you with your dream worktop, with ease.

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