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One of the UK’s leading suppliers of bathroom worktops in Essex, London and beyond.

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a little more space in the bathroom, then a bathroom worktop could be the perfect solution.

Here at Total Tops, we offer a wide range of high-quality worktops in a variety of different materials to ensure you get not only the best suited material for its intended purpose but the best look to match your current or future decor.

Whether you’re updating your current bathroom or looking to install an entirely new one, one thing’s for sure; a new bathroom needs to be fresh, clean, stylish and functional and choosing the right bathroom worktop is the best way to ensure that.

What Are You Using Your Bathroom Worktops For?

A bathroom worktop isn’t the same as a kitchen worktop, despite many believing the opposite.

Durability is a huge factor when it comes to choosing for the simple fact that bathrooms find themselves dealing with not only a huge amount of traffic in an often smaller space but they also deal with a lot more humidity and in some cases, large amounts of water.

While durability is indeed important, thanks to the tough times a bathroom countertop will find itself subjected to, it doesn’t need to be as hardy. This ultimately gives you more flexibility in terms of materials.

It’s also always a good idea to think about what you intend to use your bathroom worktop for:

  • Do you use heat tools a lot in your bathroom?
  • Will you be using a great deal of make up and cosmetics?
  • Are you likely to use harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover?

All of these considerations need to be thought about in order to give you the best chance of choosing the most suitable worktop.

For instance, if you intend to use all of the above, we suggest avoiding porous worktops such as marble worktops and granite worktops, even wood and opting for something non-porous such as a quartz worktop which is likely to fight off any potential damage that heat tools and chemicals could cause.


Quality Bathroom Worktops For Every Budget

Whether you’re looking for a bathroom worktop that’s easy to keep clean with children or a worktop that’s going to stand up to a lot of use over the forthcoming years, here at Total Tops, we have something for everyone.

What’s more, we can provide the best quality worktops, fitted to the highest standards at some of the most competitive prices around. Our specialist fitters will ensure your worktop not only looks great, but performs to the best of its ability.

For more information on our bespoke, handmade bathroom worktops, available for every budget, simply contact us today.

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