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Welcome to Total Tops, one of the leading suppliers of bathroom and kitchen worktops in Norfolk and surrounding areas. We boast not only an incredible selection of worktop materials but also a handpicked team made up of experts within the field of natural and synthetic stone and wooden worktops. Here at Total Tops, we provide a variety of high-quality worktops for both domestic and commercial properties, and have been doing so for a number of years.

Corian Worktops Norfolk

If you’re looking for Corian worktops in Norfolk, look no further. Corian is an exceptionally popular material and no wonder, with the qualities this type of worktop offers; from being incredibly durable to customisable, it’s an absolute winner.

Quartz Worktops Norfolk

Our quartz worktops in Norfolk are yet again a fantastic option as they provide a robust and low maintenance worktop and look as good as they function. Add onto these benefits the fact that they can help increase the value of your property and it’s no wonder they’re becoming one of the most chosen options out there.

Tristone Worktops Norfolk

Tristone, while not as well known as other options, is an incredible choice for those wanting the ultimate worktop to withstand busy family life. This 100% man made material looks amazing and stands up to the usual bumps and scrapes of a busy home. It’s also readily available in a number of different colour options so if you’re looking for Tristone worktops in Norfolk, our team can help.

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We promise to beat any reputable high street quote for bespoke kitchen and bathroom worktops in London.

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Providing an unbeatable service from start to finish for countertop installation.

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With a wealth of experience our team have the skills and expertise to transform your home with a custom designed kitchen or bathroom countertop.

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Granite Worktops Norfolk

Our granite worktops in Norfolk will never go out of fashion. This incredible stone, although requiring professional sealing once a year, still provides a relatively low maintenance worktop that can help increase the value of your property while providing a unique and robust option in the home.

Solid Wood Worktops Norfolk

Our solid wood worktops in Norfolk are a fantastic choice for those wanting a more traditional look however let it be known that wood is now being used more and more in the contemporary and minimalist home. Our custom solid wood worktops are the best quality wooden worktops available and guarantee you a timeless look.

Compact Laminate Worktops Norfolk

If you’d like a granite or quartz worktop in your home but don’t have the budget, then our compact laminate worktops in Norfolk could be the perfect option. Extremely affordable and available in an array of different effects, our compact laminate worktops are also low maintenance and easy to clean too.

Minerva Worktops Norfolk

Our Minerva worktops in Norfolk were created with one end goal, to manufacture a worktop that was just as stylish as it was functional and that’s exactly what we achieved. This incredible material, produces the same effect as natural stone yet is entirely man-made making it heat resistant, stain resistant and incredibly tough. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, it’s perfect for any home decor.

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