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Hi-Macs Worktops That Will Make a Statement

Have you been searching for a worktop with unrivalled quality? Then look no further than Hi-Macs Worktops; quality by design. Hi-Macs by LG Hausys® offer a premium range of sustainable solid surface material, perfect for use in both domestic and commercial designs.

What Are Hi-Macs Worktops?

Hi-Macs worktops are a solid surface material that can replicate any natural stone, with more strength, resilience and durability; made from a blend of 2/3 natural minerals blended with 1/3 acrylic resin. LG has integrated production, making their own acrylic and thus assuring the best quality raw materials for their products.

Features of Hi-Macs Worktops


You don’t need a designer price tag to achieve long, uninterrupted surfaces with Hi-Macs worktops. Touchably smooth worktops are easily attainable in any shape and size you can imagine. Create bespoke kitchen islands with seamlessly integrated sinks and dish racks or an envy-worthy bathroom with smooth, seamless features.


Hi-Macs worktops are manufactured with a thermoforming process which allows for more flexibility than conventional surface material. As a result, unconventional 3D shapes, detailed cut-outs and sharp angles are all easily achievable without any visible seams.


Colour is an essential element of impactful design. While natural stone worktops may only be available in a few colours, Hi-Macs worktops come in a wide variety of colours and textures. Everything from opaque solid colours to textured granite styles, with Hi-Macs worktops, you can choose from a vast selection of colours and patterns to suit your style and budget.

Hi-Macs Worktops Colours




New Moon


Urban Concrete

Steel Concrete

Snow Concrete

Cloud Concrete

Chic Concrete

Shadow Concrete

Ebony Concrete

grey sand worktop essex

Grey Sand

white quartz

White Quartz

Arctic Granite

Sea Oat Quartz

Beach Sand




Diamond White

Alpine White

Alpine UV Plus

Alpine White Ultra Thermoforming

Grey Sand

white quartz

White Quartz

Platinum Granite

Black Sand

Black Pearl

Midnight Pearl

Black Granite

Arctic Granite

sea oat quartz

Sea Oat Quartz

Beach Sand

Tapioca Pearl

all spice quartz

Allspice Quartz

Mocha Granite

Peanut Butter

Crystal Beige

Brown Pearl

Riviera Sand

Pebble Pearl

Lunar Sand

Cotton Field

Windy Hill


Kold Silver



Ice Queen

Shadow Queen

Star Queen

Red Quinoa









Aurora Torano



Aurora Bianco

aurora grey worktop essex

Aurora Grey

Aurora Bisque

Aurora Umber

Aurora Cotton

Aurora Blanc

Satin White


Arctic White



Fiery Red



Alpine White

Ivory White

Diamond White

Coffee Brown

Babylon Beige

Concrete Grey

Toffee Brown

Lemon Squash

marta grey worktop essex

Marta Grey

steel grey worktop essex

Steel Grey

Dark Night

Deep Indigo

Festival Pink

midnight grey worktop essex

Midnight Grey


Cosmic Blue


Nougat Cream

Sky Blue

Light Green

Strato Cloud

Strato Wind

Strato Web

Strato Slate

Terrazzo Classico

Terrazzo Grigio

Seamless Design

We use colour coordinated adhesives that create invisible joints, which creates a stunning seamless finish that cannot be achieved with other materials.

Seamless Hi-Macs Sinks

There are a wide variety of different sink options and designs available when you choose Hi-Macs. It is possible to create a unique sink to suit your needs in terms of bowl size and layout. Not only that, but unlike conventional stainless steel or ceramic sink options, Hi-Macs sinks can be included seamlessly into your worktops.

Seamless Hi-Macs Upstands

It is also possible to incorporate upstands and splashbacks into the process to create a one-piece solution. That means there are no joints between the worktop and the walls. This can create a really aesthetically pleasing finish, and it is also incredibly hygienic too because edge treatments and joints are known to trap dirt and bacteria.

Find out more about the options for seamless sinks and upstands by talking to one of our team today.

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