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Welcome to Total Tops, a leading supplier of bathroom and kitchen worktops in Chelmsford and surrounding Essex towns. Our team are highly experienced and qualified when it comes to the installation of high-quality worktops of all materials for both domestic and commercial properties.

Corian Worktops Chelmsford

Corian worktops are incredibly popular, especially in very busy households. With a bustling family complete with 2.4 children, bumps and scrapes are inevitable but Corian worktops stand up to the pressures incredibly well. Our Corian worktops in Chelmsford can also be totally customised to suit your needs.

Quartz Worktops Chelmsford

Quartz has been a hugely popular worktop material, often taking over in popularity from the likes of granite. Quartz is a beautiful mix of natural stone and resin which not only makes it tough but also means it offers uniformity in appearance, something that cannot be achieved with natural rock like granite. Non-porous, hygienic and low maintenance, quartz is the perfect addition for those wanting style and resilience in one.

Tristone Worktops Chelmsford

We can provide incredible quality tristone worktops in Chelmsford. While not as well known as other materials, tristone happens to have a number of incredible qualities and it’s all thanks to being 100% man made. This type of worktop isn’t just easy to maintain and keep clean but it’s also easy to repair should it suffer a bump or scratch. This hardy material is also available in a variety of colours and finishes.

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We promise to beat any reputable high street quote for bespoke kitchen and bathroom worktops in London.

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Granite Worktops Chelmsford

Whether you’re looking for a worktop for your kitchen or for your bathroom, our granite worktops in Chelmsford will provide you with a high quality finish at some of the most affordable prices. Granite is a material that’s in high demand, and for good reason too.

Not only is this natural stone incredibly tough and durable but it also happens to provide value to your home, thanks to its popularity and ability to stand the test of time with ease.

Solid Wood Worktops Chelmsford

There’s something about a solid wooden worktop. It offers a beautifully traditional feel however when designed right and installed correctly, our solid wood worktops in Chelmsford can make even a modern style kitchen or bathroom sing. We provide custom solid wood worktops to enhance virtually any kitchen or bathroom space and with a variety of different materials, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect one.

Compact Laminate Worktops Chelmsford

If you’re dreaming of a granite or oak worktop but want something a little more affordable then you’ll love our compact laminate worktops in Chelmsford. Not only are these extremely affordable in comparison, but they can be created to produce an array of different effects from oak to granite and even stainless steel. Add to this the fact that they’re low maintenance and easy to clean and it’s a no-brainer.

Minerva Worktops Chelmsford

Our Minerva worktops in Chelmsford were manufactured with one goal in mind, to produce a worktop that was as stylish as it was functional and that’s exactly what we achieve time and again. Minerva is entirely man made, yet produces the same appearance as natural stone.

Thanks to the incredibly advanced technology used to create it too, it’s available in a variety of colours and produces a material that’s easy to clean, resisting stains, heat damage and more.

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