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Bold, White Worktops That Will Make a Statement

Cameo White Corian offers a timeless worktop that never goes out of style. With an opaque solid, creamy off-white colour, Cameo White Corian worktops will bring a chic finish to any space. In addition, the fresh and clean look of Cameo White Corian worktops will brighten any room, making them an ideal choice for making smaller spaces feel bigger and brighter. A versatile option that pairs well with design style, Cameo White Corian worktops are sure to elevate your space with their universal appeal.

Why Designers Choose Corian

Since its introduction by DuPont, Corian has remained a favoured surface material by architects and designers alike. Not only does Corian present unlimited design applications, but its functional properties make it an ideal material both in the home and in commercial spaces. Keep reading to learn why architects and designers prefer Corian worktops.

Features of Cameo White Corian Worktops


As a homogenous, nonporous material, Corian is solid all the way through. This means that mould, dirt, and bacteria have nowhere to hide on Corian worktops and can be easily sanitised. This makes Corian a hygienic choice, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Easy to Clean

Because Corian is nonporous, it is simple to maintain and keep it looking its best. With Corian, you don’t need special cleaning products; all you need is mild soap or household cleaners to wash up any stains or spills.


Corian doesn’t have any visible seams or joins, unlike other worktop materials. This means that Corian can seamlessly integrate all aspects of your design. All elements can be incorporated from sinks to dishracks, baths, and backsplashes, to appear as a single, uniform piece.


Corian is a rugged, durable surface material that keeps up with the busiest kitchen. Having undergone rigorous testing, Corian worktops don’t have any natural weak points and can withstand even the hardest bumps and knocks while retaining their designer finish.


Corian worktops are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Earning GREENGUARD certification for their low VOC and emissions, Corian does not contain heavy metals or toxic ingredients. Corian worktops have also achieved Zero Landfill status by recycling all manufacturing scraps and off-cuts into new applications.

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