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Looking for bathroom and kitchen worktops in Cambridge? Then you’ll be pleased to know you’ve found one of the UK’s leading suppliers, right here at Total Tops. We stock an array of different worktop materials to ensure your every need is catered to, whether you’re looking for bathroom and kitchen worktops in Cambridge for domestic or commercial premises.

Worktops In Cambridgeshire

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We promise to beat any reputable high street quote for bespoke kitchen and bathroom worktops.

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With a wealth of experience our team have the skills and expertise to transform your home with a custom designed kitchen or bathroom countertop.

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Corian Worktops Cambridgeshire

Total Tops provides stunning Corian worktops in a plethora of luxury designs, ready to enliven your Cambridgeshire residence. As a composite of both natural and man-made elements, Corian is engineered to make an astoundingly strong and hard-wearing material that can withstand the pressure of any busy, productive space. Its silk-smooth, non-porous surface balances hygiene and practicality, offering new potential to your kitchen while introducing a dash of designer elegance.

From its appearance, to its cost; this worktop is a winner for everyone.

Quartz Worktops Cambridgeshire

Quartz worktops are an incredibly popular choice for bathroom and kitchen worktops in Kent. Not only is quartz tough and durable thanks to it being a beautiful mix of natural stone and resin but it’s also a fantastic investment piece, quartz worktops often increasing the value of property it’s installed within.

Add in the fact that it’s low maintenance and it makes this material a hugely popular choice around the world.

Tristone Worktops Cambridgeshire

Supplying throughout Cambridgeshire, our range of Tristone worktops offers everything you need to rejuvenate your kitchen. Tristone provides a hygienic and low-maintenance worktop material that’s easy to keep clean and always ready to go. Its acrylic nature ensures strength and resistance to both heat and water, while its allure bestows a contemporary designer appeal to any kitchen or bathroom. Be ahead of the curve and invite a modern look to your space with this magnificent, modern material.

This man-made worktop is affordable but looks far from it.

Granite Worktops Cambridgeshire

Granite is an exceptionally tough yet glamorous surface material, ideal for adding value to a home as well as a luxurious designer aesthetic. Being purely natural in composition, its lustrous effect is completely unique and irreplicable, meaning no two granite kitchens are completely alike. A classic material with a timeless, serene finish, granite worktops are as resistant and robust as its modern counterparts, letting you effortlessly uplift any space with a lustrous, expensive look.

Granite is an investment for your home as much as it is a fabulous addition for the kitchen as it often helps increase the value of the property it’s installed within.

Minerva Worktops Cambridgeshire

We have over 20 years’ experience in supplying Cambridgeshire with a wide range of modern Minerva worktops. Using cutting-edge technology, Minerva is designed to carry the practicality and presence of classic, natural stone. Minerva is installed with a flush, jointless finish and, being man-made, it can be easily cut and crafted to match whichever size and style of room you may have, topped off with the additional benefit of an easy cleaning procedure.

It’s also pretty low maintenance too, which makes it no real surprise that it’s becoming more and more popular by the day.

Hi-Macs Worktops Cambridgeshire

Hi-Macs Worktops are a premium range of high-quality Countertops enriched by unbeatable versatility. Their stylish look and solid surface returns a flawless, ultra-modern finish to your kitchen or bathroom. Hi-Macs’ engineered flexibility offers the unique potential for detailed cut-outs and sharp angles unachievable in other materials, offering exceptional performance, productive potential and easy hygiene, all in one package. Total Tops is proud to supply Cambridgeshire with such a vast spectrum of Hi-Macs, perfect to inspire your ideal space.

High quality and unbeatably versatile.

Hanex Worktops Cambridge

Hanex is a hygienic choice of worktop, combining low-maintenance with appeal with a lush, expensive look. At Total Tops, we install high-quality Hanex worktops throughout Cambridgeshire, giving you the luxurious personalised kitchen you dream of. Hanex worktops are non-porous, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, while being easy to clean and repair of any scratches. Hanex is available in a dynamic range of colours, translucence and textures, matching both the boldest and most minimal aesthetics you could have.

Hygienic, low maintenance and easy to clean.


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