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Looking for bathroom and kitchen worktops in Kent? Then you’ll be pleased to know you’ve found one of the UK’s leading suppliers, right here at Total Tops. We stock an array of different worktop materials to ensure your every need is catered to, whether you’re looking for bathroom and kitchen worktops in Kent for domestic or commercial premises.

Corian Worktops Kent

Our selection of Corian worktops in Kent is guaranteed to blow you away. Not only is Corian a fine example of a tough and durable worktop, it’s also incredibly stylish too, available in a range of colours, customisable to suit your every need. From its appearance, to its cost; this worktop is a winner for everyone.

Quartz Worktops Kent

Quartz is an incredibly popular choice for bathroom and kitchen worktops in Kent. Not only is quartz tough and durable thanks to it being a beautiful mix of natural stone and resin but it’s also a fantastic investment piece, quartz worktops often increasing the value of property it’s installed within. Add in the fact that it’s low maintenance and it makes this material a hugely popular choice around the world.

Tristone Worktops Kent

Here at Total Tops, we can provide you with a beautiful selection of Tristone worktops in Kent. While Tristone may not be as well known as other worktop materials, it soon will be thanks to its array of qualities from being low maintenance to easy to repair as well as an all round tough, durable worktop material. This man-made worktop is affordable but looks far from it.

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Granite Worktops Kent

It’s safe to say granite worktops will never go out of style and our granite worktops in Kent are some of the best quality around. Sourced from all around the globe, our granite is tough, durable and nothing short of stunning. Granite is an investment for your home as much as it is a fabulous addition for the kitchen as it often helps increase the value of the property it’s installed within.

Solid Wood Worktops Kent

Our solid wood worktops in Kent are some of the finest around, available in an array of different woods and different colours, this beautiful material is ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms and can help bring a beautifully traditional feel to any home. All of our wooden worktops can be customised to suit your needs, guaranteeing you’ll find the perfect one.

Compact Laminate Worktops Kent

Our compact laminate worktops in Kent are the perfect choice for those wanting the look and style of a granite or quartz worktop but want more affordable pricing. Not only are they more affordable but they’re also available in a huge range of looks too, from wood effect to stainless steel. Add in the fact that they’re super low maintenance and it begs the question, why not?

Minerva Worktops Kent

Last but most certainly not least, we have our Minerva worktops. 100% man made, this incredible material has been created to produce a worktop that not only looks amazing but is just as functional. It’s incredibly durable, standing up to serious bumps and scrapes and offers the same, natural stone appearance as the likes of granite and more. It’s also pretty low maintenance too, which makes it no real surprise that it’s becoming more and more popular by the day.

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