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Whitecap Corian Worktops That Will Make a Statement

White worktops are a classic design element that never goes out of style. The minimalist, spartan palette of whitecap Corian pairs an off-white background colour with textured flecks interspersed with shades of sand and seafoam. The unique combination of colours is easily adaptable to both warm and cool hues, bringing with it a touch of seaside appeal.

Searching for the right worktop can be a challenge, but you don’t need to sacrifice practicality for designer aesthetics with whitecap Corian worktops. The universal appeal of Corian worktops makes them an ideal choice for any domestic or commercial space.

Benefits to Corian Worktops

Corian has been around for over 30 years. Since its introduction by DuPont in the 1970s, designers have favoured Corian for its myriad of aesthetic and practical benefits. Manufactured from a unique combination of minerals and polymer resin, Corian is a rock-hard surface material that can keep up with the business of everyday life.

  • Hygienic: There is a reason why Corian is used in hospitals and medical facilities worldwide. Corian is non-porous, so even the toughest stains and germs won’t hang around.
  • Sustainable: Greenguard Certified, Corian is non-toxic and sustainable with a low environmental impact.
  • Colour: Corian is available in a vast range of colours and textures. So you are sure to find the right Corian worktop for your space.
  • Repairable: Unlike other worktop materials, Corian is easy to repair. You can quickly restore any minor stains, scratches, or nicks with just household tools.

Features of Whitecap Corian Worktops

Southeast UK & London

From Norfolk to London, Liverpool to Brighton, we offer coverage throughout the South East and London, of our incredible Whitecap Corian countertops. From initial design through to installation, our team will provide you with first class.

Great Functionality

Corian is known for its functionality. It’s incredibly tough and durable making it the ideal solution for high traffic areas. It’s resistant to heat, bumps and scrapes; often coming out of mild collisions with stray pots and pans unscathed.

Quality Aesthetics

Unlike other materials such as granite, Corian can actually be customised to a colour and finish to suit you. Whatever colour, pattern or finish you’re looking for, Corian can be made to achieve exactly that and provide with ease.

Whitecap Corian Worktops in the Home

Whitecap Corian worktops make excellent editions to any home. With their neutral colour and subtle texture, whitecap Corian worktops provide a versatile worktop that compliments various design styles. Explore how whitecap Corian worktops can make an impact in your home.


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