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Bold, Unique Worktops That Will Make a Statement

Inspired by the mottled grey-blue colour of the woodland bird, Dove Corian worktops feature a soft grey background interspersed with tiny blue and white flecks that give the worktops a natural finish. Dove Corian worktops provide a versatile surface material that will uplift any space with its chic designer finish. A functional choice for any style or aesthetic, Dove Corian worktops will complement dark, seductive bathrooms as well as bright, airy kitchens. When it comes to worktops, Dove Corian worktops are a sophisticated choice that will suit any style. 

Corian: The Ultimate Surface Material

There is a reason why designers around the world name Corian as their preferred worktop. Corian is an adaptable worktop choice that can be used in limitless applications. From high-traffic areas like hospitality desks and retail spaces to domestic settings, Corian delivers an easy to maintain surface material with a designer finish. 

With Corian, your only limits are your imagination. Corian can be formed and shaped into unlimited designs. Its seamless finish means that Corian can achieve unconventional curves and integrated features like no other surface material. Integrated baths, sinks and backsplashes have a smooth, seamless finish without any visible joints. Corian can be worked like wood to modify opacity and make integrated light and electronics possible. If you want a worktop that will deliver an impact, look no further than Corian.  

Features of Dove Corian Worktops

Southeast UK & London

From London to Essex, Norfolk to Kent, we offer coverage throughout the South East and London, of our incredible black Corian countertops. From initial design through to installation, our team will provide you with first class.

Great Functionality

Corian is known for its functionality. It’s incredibly tough and durable making it the ideal solution for high traffic areas. It’s resistant to heat, bumps and scrapes; often coming out of mild collisions with stray pots and pans unscathed.

Quality Aesthetics

Unlike other materials such as granite, Corian can actually be customised to a colour and finish to suit you. Whatever colour, pattern or finish you’re looking for, Corian can be made to achieve exactly that and provide with ease.

Dove Corian Worktops Colours

Browse our range of Corian worktop colours.

Ash Concrete

Weathered Concrete

Silver Gray

verdant corian



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