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Luxury Minerva Worktops from Kent’s Leading Supplier

Invite the essence of luxury into your home with our breathtaking range of Minerva worktops; the epitome of ultramodern interior design. Reliable, hygienic and profoundly elegant, Minerva worktops harvest the benefits of natural worktop surface options such as Hanex and granite, amplifying them through a manufacturing process designed to bestow both authentic aesthetics and lasting productivity to your space.

Here at Total Tops, we’ve garnered over 20 years of experience in supplying, designing and installing exquisite worktops in residential and commercial spaces alike, ensuring an exceptional sense of grandeur, luxury and finesse for your kitchen or bathroom at competitive costs.

Classic Meets Contemporary

Hosting an unmissably elegant, fierce and clean look, Minerva masterfully bridges classic and contemporary designs, adopting the appearance of natural stone worktop surfaces such as corian and granite whilst in fact being a completely man-made material. With its composition based in acrylic, Minerva is engineered to carry the timeless allure of its natural counterparts, uplifting both their aesthetics and practical benefits to meet the modern standards of interior design.


Ultramodern Minerva Worktops from Kents Top Supplier

Endless Design Potential

Using state of the art technology to produce its cutting-edge appeal, each Minerva worktop can be easily shaped and cut to measure, adapting to the size and style of your space to optimise its practical potential. Not only does this allow for a seamless finish in general, but its contemporary composition allows an array of equally modern styles to emerge, offering a contrasting range of bold edges and smooth curves, each perfect for counter-tops, floating islands and breakfast bars alike. This is a worktop that’s truly adaptable to your individual style, enabling you to craft your contemporary vision stress-free and at a low-cost.


High-Quality & Low-Maintenance

Resistant to water, spills and splashes, Minerva’s adaptability and high-quality provides a great choice for commercial bathrooms, offering a luxurious allure to any space at a much lower expense than expected. Manufactured to be non-porous, Minerva’s artful surfaces are easy to clean and hassle-free. Spills, dirt and residue can be effortlessly wiped from its surface with soapy water, preventing the risk of staining and discolouration, whilst ensuring a consistently hygienic and low-maintenance surface. With Minerva’s Care Kit, potential forms of damage such as light scratching can be safely and easily repaired on site, however we’ll always recommend taking care of your worktops, just like any investment.


Unbeatable Price

Unlike alternative luxury surfaces such as those crafted from natural stone, Minerva’s expensive allure is offered at a much happier cost, without sacrificing quality or opulence. Minerva undoubtedly offers a rewarding option for those mirroring cutting-edge aesthetics in their space without cutting too deeply into their savings.

Benefits Of Minerva Countertops

Easy To Clean

Minerva is super easy to keep clean with the majority of dust and dirt remaining on the surface. This means a simple combination of a cloth and soapy water will keep it sparkling clean. It requires no specialist tools or fluids, making it a hassle free choice.

Heat Resistance

When compared with other materials, Minerva is in a class of its own, able to withstand much higher degrees of heat. Whether it’s a hot pot or a boiling pan, your Minerva countertop can resist accidental placements.

Stain Resistance

The Minerva surface is non-porous which means while household chemicals may not cause damage, some harsh chemicals could do. By simply avoiding these, and of course, wiping up any spills, you’ll find staining very unlikely to happen.

Colour Range

With seamless joins and a sleek finish, having your dream colour is the icing on the cake and this particular material is available in a variety. Just take a look at some of the examples below for an idea of the colours for Minerva worktops.

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At Total Tops, we have over two decades of specialist experience in supplying, designing and installing bespoke Minerva worktops throughout Kent and the UK. We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality luxury worktop surfaces, settling for nothing less than the best with every space we help refresh. Our team is dedicated to providing the most magnificent worktop ranges at competitive prices, whilst anchoring our ethos in our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

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