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Corian Worktops That Will Make a Statement

Inspired by the organic texture of the tropical tuber, Arrowroot Corian worktops incorporate delicate grey veining interspersed with various sized metallic and translucent particles set against a light grey background colour. The naturalistic texture of Arrowroot Corian worktops is the ideal accent for designer kitchens and sleek bathrooms. Keep reading to learn why Corian is the worktop of choice for designers worldwide.

Corian: Where function meets design

With Corian Arrowroot worktops, you don’t need to sacrifice function for design. Instead, Corian worktops take all the hard work out of worktops. Ideal for both domestic and commercial spaces, Corian is the ultimate low-maintenance worktop.

Features of Arrowroot Corian Worktops


If you’re looking for a hard-wearing worktop that can keep up with all of life’s hard knocks, look no further than Corian. As a composite material, Corian is hard as a rock and ultra-durable. It can hold up against the most brutal bumps and bangs with no natural weak points. Having undergone extensive testing, Corian is guaranteed to keep up with the busiest conditions.


There is a reason why Corian is the preferred worktop material for hospitals and medical centres. Corian is a nonporous material, making it a hygienic worktop choice. Since it is homogenous, Corian is solid all the way through, so there is nowhere for dirt and bacteria to hide. Corian worktops are easily sanitised with just household cleaners.


Corian worktops are non-toxic and low-VOC. This means that in normal conditions, Corian won’t release any gases. This has earned Corian worktops Green Building and GREENGUARD certification for improved indoor air quality.

Arrowroot Corian Worktops Colours

View our available Corian worktops colours and alternatives.

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