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Grey Onyx Corian Worktops That Will Make a Statement

Taking inspiration from nature, Grey Onyx Corian worktops feature a translucent off-white base colour streaked organic silver-grey veining. The undulating, fluid patterns of Grey Onyx Corian make for a visually striking worktop that will add intrigue to any design.

Corian: Features & Benefits

Get the most out of your worktop. Learn why Corian worktops make the ideal surface solution for your home or commercial space.

Corian Inspiration

In The Kitchen

As the heart of your home, the kitchen needs to keep up with the chaos of daily life while still looking its best. With its easy maintenance and infinite design options, Corian is perfectly suited for kitchens of any design style. When it comes to Corian, functionality meets effortless luxury. 

In The Bathroom

Sleek and silk, the seductive, touchable quality of Corian make it ideal for the most intimate of spaces. The spa-like quality of Corian elevates even the humblest of cloakrooms to a tranquil retreat. 

In Commercial Spaces

Quality and design performance is what Corian is all about. That’s why Corian has been the top choice for commercial designers and retail brands around the world. Corian is an unrivalled surface material with easy upkeep and endless design applications from hotels to restaurants, offices, and retail boutiques.

Onyx Corian Worktops Colours

Browse our range of Onyx Corian worktop colours.

Grey Onyx

Silver Linear

White Onyx

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