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Luxury Minerva Worktops from Colchester’s Top Supplier

Give your space the luxury redesign it deserves with our enrapturing range of bespoke Minerva worktops, each crafted to harmonize breathtaking aesthetics with guaranteed, long-lasting productivity. As a comparatively new choice of worktop material, engineered using cutting-edge technology, Minerva’s benefits are as vast as its potential, offering an unmatchable choice when it comes to low-cost, high-quality worktops.


Here at Total Tops, we’ve garnered over 20 years of experience in supplying, designing and installing exquisite Minerva worktops in kitchens and bathrooms across Colchester and the UK, and are proud to be one of the South East’s leading experts in reinventing both residential and commercial spaces alike.

Indulgent Designs

Minerva offers a contemporary alternative to natural stone, hosting a wondrously reminiscent appearance, yet amplifying many of its benefits, such as its practical ability to adhere to any size or shape of space. Using state-of-the-art technology, Minerva is manufactured with contemporary visions and individuality in mind, its versatile surface possessing the ability to be cut and crafted with sleek, bold edges or satisfying curves alike, each worktop exhibiting hygienically seamless joints after installation. Whether you’re transforming a professional space that reflects your fresh brand image or thinking of elevating your home kitchen with a breakfast bar or island, Minerva’s adaptable advantages make it a perfect choice.


Ultramodern Minerva Worktops from Colchesters Top Supplier

Meeting Modern Hygiene Standards

Kitchens and bathrooms hosting a sleek, modern aesthetic should offer an equally modern appeal of cleanliness. Minerva’s tranquil surface provides more than simply a pretty centrepiece, matching its breathtaking visual allure with the all-important benefit of a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean worktop. Requiring nothing more than soapy water to keep it as lustrous as the day it was installed, each Minerva worktop is engineered to be non-porous, ensuring a surface impervious to dirt and spills, instantly enhancing the productivity of your kitchen through quick and effortless cleaning techniques.


Long-Lasting Durability

Minerva’s low-maintenance hygienic benefits are balanced by its durability against an array of common kitchen damage. Minerva’s non-porous surface is immune to spills and splashes, even those caused by boiling water, making it a perfect choice for bathroom surfaces. Whilst susceptible to scratching and extended periods of heat from accidental hot pot placements, Minerva worktops are easily repaired and maintained with some help from the Minerva Care Kit, allowing its mystique to outlast any damage that might otherwise threaten its longevity.


A Practical, Low-Cost Alternative

Minerva crowns its countless benefits as a natural stone alternative with its low-cost in comparison to marble and granite, all without sacrificing a hint of quality. Being man-made, Minerva offers a more cost-effective yet equally beneficial surface, maintaining the reliable sense of robustness, productivity and luxury found within its natural counterparts.

Benefits Of Minerva Countertops

Easy To Clean

Minerva is super easy to keep clean with the majority of dust and dirt remaining on the surface. This means a simple combination of a cloth and soapy water will keep it sparkling clean. It requires no specialist tools or fluids, making it a hassle free choice.

Heat Resistance

When compared with other materials, Minerva is in a class of its own, able to withstand much higher degrees of heat. Whether it’s a hot pot or a boiling pan, your Minerva countertop can resist accidental placements.

Stain Resistance

The Minerva surface is non-porous which means while household chemicals may not cause damage, some harsh chemicals could do. By simply avoiding these, and of course, wiping up any spills, you’ll find staining very unlikely to happen.

Colour Range

With seamless joins and a sleek finish, having your dream colour is the icing on the cake and this particular material is available in a variety. Just take a look at some of the examples below for an idea of the colours for Minerva worktops.

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