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Unique Worktops That Will Make a Statement

Sleek, stylish and effortlessly chic, Limestone Prima Corian worktops are an ideal option for updating your worktops. Infused with naturalistic highlights and organic swathes of creamy whites, subtle tans, greys, and metallic flecks set against an off-white background. Limestone Prima worktops offer the bold, natural look of stone without any of the maintenance or specialist care. Combining designer appeal, a touchably smooth finish and easy upkeep, it is easy to see why so many have chosen Corian worktops to finish their space. Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn why Corian worktops are the ideal composite surface material for your space.

Designed with style in mind

Your worktops shouldn’t be an afterthought. Well executed worktops are not only a practical consideration, but they also can make a massive impact on how your space looks and feels. Aesthetic appeal is a top priority when designing your ideal space, so you should choose a worktop that looks as good as it functions. With Limestone Prima Corian worktops, there is no need to sacrifice design for functionality. Limestone Prima Corian worktops will exude elegance with their organic-inspired look while maintaining the integrity of an enduring worktop. 

Corian provides unlimited design possibilities. This robust material is easily worked and formed into unconventional shapes, which is similar to working with wood. Corian can be crafted into different shapes, textures, opacity and can even be integrated with lights and electronics for a high-tech space. With Corian, the sky is the limit when it comes to delivering a unique design experience. 

Features of Limestone Prima Corian Worktops

Southeast UK & London

From London to Essex, Norfolk to Kent, we offer coverage throughout the South East and London, of our incredible black Corian countertops. From initial design through to installation, our team will provide you with first class.

Great Functionality

Corian is known for its functionality. It’s incredibly tough and durable making it the ideal solution for high traffic areas. It’s resistant to heat, bumps and scrapes; often coming out of mild collisions with stray pots and pans unscathed.

Quality Aesthetics

Unlike other materials such as granite, Corian can actually be customised to a colour and finish to suit you. Whatever colour, pattern or finish you’re looking for, Corian can be made to achieve exactly that and provide with ease.

Limestone Prima Corian Worktops Colours

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Limestone Prima

Rain Cloud

Grey Onyx

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