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What Coloured Quartz Worktops Are Available?

When it comes to the kitchen worktop, or bathroom worktop for that matter, functionality will always come first. Key features of quartz worktops that we look out for are:

  • We want a worktop in the home that’s going to stand up to the test of everyday family activities.
  • We want it tough enough to endure the odd bump and dig.
  • We want it to be low maintenance enough that we don’t have to ‘work’ on keeping it looking fantastic.

Thankfully with quartz worktops, that’s never going to be a problem.

Not only is quartz heat resistant, but it’s fairly impact resistant too. It requires no anneal sealant and remains looking as beautiful as the day it was installed thanks to a simple wipe over with a clean cloth. It doesn’t take most people long to decide that quartz is the way forward. Once you’ve decided on your material however, it’s then a question of style and that’s where many wonder what colours are available.

Quartz is the result of man’s intervention, bonding natural stone with a resin that not only creates this amazingly tough stone but also means it’s available in virtually any colour. Here’s our rundown of the quartz worktops we have available right here at Total Tops.

White Quartz Worktop

White is very on trend at the moment. People are looking for clean white walls that spill over into their units and worktops, creating a truly open feel within the space they live. White quartz worktops as a result of clean, minimal living have grown in popularity massively.

Here at Total Tops we have a number of ‘white’ options ranging from Glacier White to Antarctica. If you’re looking for something a little ‘off white’ perhaps with a grey tinge, we have a beautiful Limestone Prima that looks incredibly smart when in situ.

frost quartz

Grey Quartz Worktop

Grey has become the go-to colour for what seems like every aspect of our lives. What once was thought of as dull, is now seen as contemporary and modern.

Whether you deem it the Mrs Hinch effect or simply love the clean, smooth vibes that grey offers, you’ll love the likes of Stratus or Silver Grey.

If you’re looking to add a little sparkle, then we think you’ll love Pebble Terrazzo adding some serious glamour to any space, be it a kitchen, bathroom or even an office tea room.

Black Quartz Worktop

Black is and will always be chic. Black is smooth. Black is sleek. It offers clean cut lines and a definitive edge. Black will always look at home as a kitchen worktop and what’s more, works so well in any space, whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

While you might think there can only be one shade of black quartz worktops, you’d be wrong. Here at Total Tops we like to give you a selection which is why we have an array.

From Deep Black Quartz to Deep night Sky; we also have a beautiful shade called Deep Storm as well as Deep Espresso and Deep Anthracite.

White Sparkle Quartz Worktop

Last but not least, you cannot go wrong with a little sparkle. As we mentioned above, sparkles can add in a touch of much needed glamour to any space and our white sparkle quartz worktops are no exception.

From Domino Terrazzo to Everest, we have a range of white sparkle quartz countertop options to suit every taste.

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The beauty about quartz is that it can be made in so many colours which is why we have such a selection. If you’d like more information on the worktops we have available, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01787 844 663.

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