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White Kitchen Worktops

It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice thanks to minimalism becoming more and more prevalent within interior design. They’re incredible when it comes to reflecting natural light and making a space seem brighter and more open.

They’re also hugely versatile in that they’ll happily look at home

within a traditional kitchen as well as a modern one.

With such popularity, we thought it only right that we give you some easy examples of how to style your white kitchen worktops, to ensure your entire home looks as wonderful as the countertop you install.

All White

If you’re looking for the ultimate modern look in your kitchen then we highly recommend going for an all white look. Combining white worktops with white cabinetry will create a supremely modern appearance. It’s sleek, it’s contemporary and when combined with handleless units, it’s the ultimate modern look.

Why Not Add A Splash Of Colour?

If the thought of an all white room is just a little too much then we suggest adding a splash of colour. This however, can be done in a variety of ways.

You can add different coloured cabinets, brightly coloured crockery or even brightly coloured paintings on the wall.

From flowers to house plants, vases to ornaments; there are a number of ways that you can complement your white worktop with a little splash of colour that won’t just look beautiful but will help to break up the space.

We Love A Little Two – Tone’

For some, the thought of all-white can appear too bright, too clinical. In this instance, we suggest opting for two tone. A two tone kitchen will allow you to have the beautiful white kitchen worktop with the help of a slightly darker cabinet.

Try a lighter grey with a sparkling white worktop. It’s important to remember that this won’t just look good now, but for years to come.

Play With Patterns

Patterns are the perfect way to add a little character to a room and your kitchen is no exception. Try looking at pattern splash backs or patterned tiles for the floor.

This will allow you to add a little character into the room without taking the focus away from your brand new white kitchen countertop.

Try Something Traditional

If you’re intent on a more traditional approach, we suggest accenting your kitchen with a little wood. All white can of course give off a very modern feel.

With some wooden additions however, you can enjoy a warmer, more traditional feeling.

You may even want to contrast your white countertop completely with a wooden countertop elsewhere, say for example on your kitchen island.

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