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Corian Vs Tristone

Corian and Tristone worktops are growing in popularity year on year. Both of these worktops offer an incredibly durable and aesthetically-pleasing addition to any room in the home, whether it’s the kitchen worktop, utility room or bathroom worktop.

The question is, when it comes down to the two of them, which is best for you. Today we’re looking at Corian vs Tristone, to help you decide on the best option for you and your home.

Corian Worktops

Corian worktops are a man made worktop, made for its durability, its good looks and of course, its affordability.

Benefits Of Corian Worktops

Corian offers a sleek, non-porous and ultimately super hygienic offering in terms of worktop materials. As it’s non-porous, it doesn’t allow for bacteria, mould or mildew to grow making it a great choice for those wanting to ensure a clean worktop with relatively low maintenance.

In addition to it fighting off bacteria, it’s also able to fight off stains, for the simple fact that they cannot penetrate the surface. Its non-porous quality however, isn’t its only benefit.

Corian Worktops are also very tough, making them relatively impact resistant. Whether you drop a knife or perhaps something even heavier such as a full pot or pan, Corian is usually tough enough to withstand those bumps and scrapes.

Unlike granite too, it doesn’t require any special kind of sealant, instead needing a minimal wipe over with a damp cloth.

Throw in the fact that Corian is also customisable and can be created into limitless shapes and sizes and it’s no wonder Corian is as popular as it is.

Tristone Worktops

Once again, Tristone is a worktop that’s growing in popularity. Not only is this type of worktop affordable but it’s super low maintenance too.

Benefits Of Tristone Worktops

Tristone is another man-made dream of a worktop. It’s 100% solid acrylic that not only looks elegant and beautiful, but also happens to make tristone worktops super tough and extremely practical for in the family home.

Tristone is so tough that it’s resistant to heat, bacteria and even water along with a plethora of chemicals. It’s so tough in fact that it’s used in restaurants and even hospitals thanks to its super hygienic qualities.

Along with its quite frankly outstanding performance in the durability stakes, Tristone can also be made in a multitude of colours and patterns too, making it ideal for those looking for a very specific look and feel.

Which Comes Out On Top?

So the question remains, which comes out on top? Well, put simply, it’s down to your own personal preference. Corian is a beautiful worktop that offers a clean and aesthetically pleasing work surface.

It’s preferred by many for the simple fact that while it’s man-made, it contains a lot of natural mineral elements. However, while Tristone is 100% acrylic, it’s almost impervious to damage and more affordably priced.

If you’d like more information on our Corian or Tristone worktops, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01787 844 663.

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