How To Figure Out Which Stone Worktop Best Fits Your Kitchen

When it comes to buying your kitchen worktop, different people go in search of different qualities. With a stone worktop however, you can benefit from great functionality and style all in one go. The only problem is, deciding which stone worktop works best for you and your kitchen..

There are numerous stone worktops to choose from, so deciding on the one that’s the right fit can be a little tough however, with the right information in front of you, you can make it much easier. To help, here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help narrow down your search and help you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Stone Worktop

The kitchen is called the heart of the home for a reason. It’s where everyone hangs out at parties and it’s where our loved ones cook up those amazing roast dinners. Even when we don’t cook, it’s where we dish up our takeaways. It’s safe to say, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing at home, the kitchen will somehow be incorporated into our plans which means the right worktop is imperative. Here are just a few questions you should be asking yourself, to help you determine which worktop is right for you:


  • What’s Your Budget? Your budget will greatly determine which type of stone you have as all stone worktops vary in their price range. You can also see a variation in stone thickness too which affects the price.
  • Will I Hire A Professional To Install? If you’re not looking to hire a professional to install then you may want to consider a stone, or even another material entirely, that’s easier to work with.
  • Do I Need Heat Resistance? If you’re in need of a certain level of heat resistance, perhaps you cook or bake a lot, then you may want to consider something like quartz that’s a lot more durable to heat.
  • How Much Maintenance Can I Offer? If you have the time to maintain then granite could be ideal, because while it’s low maintenance day to day it does require annual sealant.
  • How Quickly Will I Clean Up Spills? If you’re not likely to get to spills very quickly, we would suggest a completely non-porous worktop such as quartz or better yet, another material entirely
  • How Much Worktop Do I Need? The amount of worktop you’ll need will obviously effect the cost as well as the size stone you’ll need.
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    So Many Options To Choose From

    From granite to quartz and many more, there are numerous stones to choose from that all possess their own qualities. Some may be lower maintenance than others such as quartz which requires very little. It’s also available in virtually any colour and proves very tough. Granite on the other hand is extremely popular in the UK. It offers homeowners a truly natural stone with unique markings and the ability to help increase your property value, however it does require annual sealing by professionals to ensure it remains as durable as when it was first installed. Finding the right stone worktop isn’t simply a case of choosing the one you think looks the best, it’s actually down to a whole host of different wants and needs, and deciding on which stone best suits you and your budget, home and more.

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