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9 DIY Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do Until The Professionals Arrive

For a great deal of us, spending so much time at home during COVID-19 means a lot more time on our hands so there’s never been a better time to undertake a few kitchen upgrades, such as upgrading your kitchen worktops.

Thankfully, we have a few hints and tips that will help you upgrade your kitchen with ease and you don’t need to be a DIY wizard to carry them out.

1. Lighting Under Cabinets

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your kitchen a mini face lift without having to do too much at all. This can be done super simply with the use of push button LED lights or if you have the knowledge and resources, you can hard wire the string of lights.

2. Give Your Cabinets Some TLC

We guarantee if you take a look at your kitchen cabinets, you’ll see at least one currently sitting a little wonky compared to the rest. You may even have one or two which needs a little TIC in terms of its latches. Cabinet latches and hinges are one of the easiest things to tinker with. You could even replace the latches completely and it’s relatively easily.

3. Install A Brand New Backsplash

Sick and tired of your current backsplash? Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert tiler to replace it as there are now a multitude of peel and stick splash backs available that do exactly as their names suggest. Simply peel off the back and stick on to your wall. This would change the entire look of your kitchen in minutes.

4. Create Statement Shelving

With the help of a drill, you can make holes ready for a few hooks to hang your pots on. Then place a cookery book and a little kitchen plant and you’ve got the perfect statement shelving.

5. Make Your Own Concrete Worktops

Concrete worktops sound hugely in-depth and difficult but if you’ve ever worked with concrete before, perhaps with brickwork then you’ll be able to knock up your concrete at home with ease.

Then it’s simply down to creating the shape you need around your sink and the length of the workspace you intend it for. Don’t forget to treat and seal it otherwise you could find your newly created concrete worktop staining before the day is through.

6. Change Up Your Handles

Why not reuse some old handles or simply repurpose the ones you already have with a little paint and a few sparkly add ons? Some new handles are a great way to change up your kitchen cupboards and make a real impact.

7. Recover Old Seating

Do you have bar stools with seats looking worn? With a staple gun and some new fabric, you could recover all of your old seating and make it look brand new, giving your kitchen a real modern/traditional/country look – whichever you want to go for.

8. Upgrade Your Taps

Upgrading your entire kitchen is obviously a no go right now but changing up your taps isn’t and it’s a great way to make your whole kitchen look sparkling new.

9. Paint Your Cabinets

With a tin or two of cabinet paint, you could give your entire kitchen a complete facelift and make it look brand new in just a day or two. With specialist cabinet paint, it’s easier than ever to achieve too.

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There are numerous trends for the kitchen in 2020 but these are by far our favourite. If you’d like help creating a truly impactful worktop for your kitchen, whether it’s to achieve a contrasting appeal or even to help bring two kitchen islands together, we recommend getting in contact with Total Tops, who supply and fit bespoke kitchen worktops throughout Essex, London and the South Of London. Call them today on 01787 844 663.

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