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How Corian Worktops Can Bring Your Kitchen To Life

Whether you are completely renovating your kitchen or giving it a makeover, replacing the worktops will make a huge difference to the appearance of the room. The worktops of most kitchens cover a great deal of area and, therefore, have a high visual impact. This is especially so if you actually use your kitchen for cooking and entertaining in, of course, because you will see them more. Of course, there are many choices you could make for your preferred worktop material.

Among the very best is Corian, a solid surface work surface made from man-made polymers mixed with natural stone minerals. Why is Corian such a good option for adding vitality to an updated kitchen space?

Form & Structure

To begin with, Corian can be turned into just about any shape you prefer. This means that curves become possible whereas alternative materials might need to conform to straight lines. What’s more, where two sections of Corian are needed to butt up against one another, the seam will be barely noticeable even if you know it is there.

Corian can also be formed with drainage channels in it so you get the seamless look of an integrated draining board. You can even use it with integrated sinks, too, so the look of your kitchen will be very chic indeed.


Quite apart from the various forms you can get out of Corian, it comes with a wide selection of different looks. The minerals that are added to it can sparkle, offer a natural, stone-like appearance or even look futuristic.

Typical Corian worktop colours are Domino Terrazzo, Dune Prima or Grey Onyx which all look very natural. However, you can achieve more dynamic looks if your décor demands it with choices such as Imperial Yellow, Ash Concrete or Seagrass. There again, how about the faux grains of Mahogany Nuwood or Beech Nuwood? In other words, every look is catered for with Corian!

Illumination & Catching the Eye

Want something that will create a talking point as well as bringing your kitchen to life? If so, then integrated kitchen lighting over your Corian worktops will truly make them sparkle and stand out.

The reflective sheen you get with these surfaces particularly suits closely located LED lights. Even better, if you want wireless charging points for your smartphone or tablet, then Corian can accommodate them. This is so much better for charging up without the visual clutter of cables around the place.

Handling Repairs

Once you have updated your kitchen with a new and more vibrant look, you will probably want to keep it that way. Corian is a good choice in this regard, as well.

Whereas some kitchen worktop materials are expensive or almost impossible to repair, Corian can usually be fixed by a professional restorer to look as good as new with a minimum of fuss. This is a good thing to know if you ever scratch your worktop or drop something heavy onto it.

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