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Why Choose A Bespoke Kitchen Worktop?

There are plenty of off-the-peg kitchen worktops around that will do a very good job in many settings. That being said, bespoke kitchen worktops offer that much more and will be the perfect way to finish off a luxurious kitchen design in true style.

At Total Tops, we provide an exemplary bespoke kitchen worktop service, so why would you turn anywhere else for a fully personalised and tailored work surface? We find that the main reasons people want a bespoke worktop for their kitchen are better design control, the ability to deal with oddly-shaped kitchens and because they’ll get a superior finish. Read on to find out why a bespoke kitchen worktop may be right for you.

Design and Aesthetic Considerations

To begin with, bespoke kitchen worktops will be a big feature in a newly designed kitchen layout. If you have opted for top-quality cabinets and appliances, then why would you choose standardised worktops that don’t truly convey your sense of style? Tristone worktops, for example, look great when they have been tailored to meet a particular design specification, such as accommodating an under-mounted sink unit, for example.

Then again, you might want a stylish quartz worktop with bespoke grooves built into it for drainage or to match a quartz upstand or splashback seamlessly.

You might also want a bespoke section of quartz to have a rounded off or bevelled edge at your breakfast bar area and have the same material squared off for your food preparation areas. With a fully bespoke service, all of these aesthetic considerations and design priorities can be met in full.

Shaped the Way You Want

Not every kitchen is a perfect rectangle. This means that standard kitchen worktops, which are supplied in pre-set shapes and dimensions will not always fit perfectly.

Of course, with a skilled installation, any kitchen worktop will look as though it belongs. However, with a bespoke product, you can have it made to measure. This means awkward shapes formed from chimney breasts, downpipes and even bowing walls will be accommodated seamlessly.

If you were to choose a bespoke Corian worktop, for example, then it will be possible to deal with curved walls and unusual shapes without the need for joins. Equally, man-made materials like Corian can be thermoformed to run over the end of a section of cabinets to make remarkably good looking end pieces, often featuring delightful curves and other more complex shapes than you could ever achieve with standard worktops.

A More Luxurious Look

In the end, bespoke kitchen worktops, whether they are made from Tristone, quartz or Corian, are there to provide a certain look. Although it is possible to approximate the look of a luxury kitchen with standard worktops, there is nothing like the real thing, tailored to your exact requirements.

This is not the sort of thing you can always pick up on from a casual glance but upon closer inspection, all of the joins and detailing will come together to form a much more favourable impression. After all, it is the attention to detail in couture fashion that makes it so different from off-the-peg clothing and the same can be said of bespoke kitchen worktops!

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