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Ask The Expert: How To Choose The Right Tristone Worktop Colour

As one of the leading suppliers of Tristone worktops in the UK, the team at Total Tops is often asked about this remarkable material. For example, some people want to know whether Tristone, being a completely acrylic material, is easier to maintain than other options or whether it will last as long as natural stone work surfaces.

The answer to both these questions is an emphatic yes because Tristone is simple to keep clean and will last a very long time so long as you do not abuse it. Therefore, one of the key remaining questions to ask is which colour Tristone worktop to opt for.

Of course, given our expertise with kitchen worktops of all kinds, you’d think that would be an easy answer to provide. However, it isn’t always so simple because personal taste comes into it. That said, there are some practicalities to take into consideration. What are they and how will knowing about them help you to make an informed buying decision? Read on to find out.

Choosing Darker Tones

To begin with, Tristone often looks at its most luxuriant with darker colours. Deep and rich blacks, such as Dark Cave, Black Pepper or Night Pearl can give a shimmering appearance especially when they are lit well from under-cabinet lighting. The darker appearance of these sorts of worktop colours, including Sauron and Galaxy Cluster, is achieved by using more pigmentation in the manufacturing process.

If you’re after a lustrous and sophisticated look, then these tones will certainly appeal. You should know, however, that they tend to show scratches more easily since they will often catch the light more against a deeper tone. Therefore, you either need to take more care with darker Tristone worktops or to have them repaired once in a while during their lifespan.

Opting For Lighter Colours

The reverse is so for light-coloured Tristone worktops. Although they are essentially the same material as darker versions and have the same level of abrasion resistance, any scratches that occur will be less noticeable.

Certainly, you will find this to be the case unless you inspect them very carefully. Colours like Antarctic Ice, which includes a shimmering array of reflective tones, as well as Chalcedony and Snow Pearl, all offer this appealing property. What’s more, white and off-white worktops tend to work well with most colour schemes in the rest of the kitchen’s décor.

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