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Why Is My Quartz Worktop Staining?

Quartz worktops have fast become one of the nation’s favourite worktop materials and for good reason too. Quartz is made from a beautiful marriage of science and nature, pairing natural stone with a resin mix in order to create one of the most durable worktop materials available.

Due to this mix of stone and resin, quartz is known for being incredibly tough and more importantly non-porous, preventing it from absorbing fluids and ultimately staining.

Ask anyone about quartz and they’ll likely tell you that this material is stain resistant, waterproof, heat resistant and super easy to care for. A great deal of people even manage to install white worktops with no worries at all.

Having said that, despite these amazing qualities, it isn’t a super powered worktop and we do, from time to time, find people who’ve found they’ve stained their kitchen worktop.

Today we’re looking at why quartz worktops do on occasion stain. We’re looking at not only the why, but the how, showing you how you can prevent it from happening.

To answer this question in more detail, it’s a good idea to look at quartz in a little more detail.

Quartz Worktops – The King Of Worktops

Unlike other stone worktops out there, quartz worktops do not require annual sealing, which makes them super low maintenance. Despite the lack of sealing, they still manage to resist moisture, staining and a great deal of other damage too.

It’s most certainly these qualities that make it so appealing but it’s worth noting that nothing is completely indestructible and unfortunately, quartz can indeed stain on the rare occasion.

Here’s why…

Why Is My Quartz Staining?

Quartz countertops can be absolutely sensational however if spills aren’t cleaned up quickly, the liquid that’s spilt can cause a ‘stain’. We use the word stain very loosely here as it’s not actually a stain that’s been created.

Instead, think of it as a chemical reaction. Consider liquids such as red wine, tea, coffee or even tomato sauce. If left to lie on the worktop, it can begin to react with the resin in the worktop itself which will cause a discolouration. Once this has happened, it can be extremely difficult to remove.

As with all things in life, prevention is always better than cure and one such way to prevent this discolouration occurring is to simply clean up all spills and accidents as soon as they happen.

That being said, you may find that actually you’re causing the discolouration unknowingly. This could be due to the chemicals within your cleaning products, once again reacting with the resin. So we strongly advise using as natural a cleaning product as possible to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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