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Top Kitchen Trends In 2021

As one of the leading kitchen worktop suppliers and installers in the Southeast, we take a great deal of pride in everything we do at Total Tops. This isn’t just our great customer service and professional workmanship when we are on-site with our clients, however.

It also comes down to the attention we pay to the latest in kitchen – and bathroom – design trends. After all, our customers often ask us for advice not just with the practicalities of certain worktop choices but with how fashionable, or otherwise, they might be. If you are considering updating the look of your food preparation and entertaining area, then feel free to read on and find out more about the latest kitchen design trends as we see them.

Subtle Corian & Tristone Finishes

As you might expect of a specialist in kitchen worktops, one of the things we pay careful attention to is the material choices people make with their work surfaces. Over the course of 2021, there has been a discernible trend towards subtly detailed Corian and Tristone countertops.

The gently varying tones in Abalone Corian worktops, for example, have been very chic this year. You can see the same sort of thing with Everest Corian and other delicate finishes, such as White Jasmine. It has been the same story with Tristone over the course of the last twelve months, too. This non-porous material has been increasingly popular in subtle finishes like Chalcedony, Iris and Natural Pearl which are all glorious off white tones.

The great thing about all of these trendy finishes is that they bring different tonal elements in your décor together rather than competing against them.

On-Demand Taps

Another of the big trends in 2021 was the introduction of on-demand hot water taps into many domestic kitchens. These have been something of a feature in office kitchens for a few years now, often replacing the traditional kettle. However, they’ve really taken off in residential settings, too, it seems.

Just make sure that the hot water tap you opt for is placed somewhere where it will be out of reach of little ones. What’s more, we’d recommend only fitting them when you have a suitable worktop in place that can withstand repeated exposure to heat. After all, on-demand hot water taps produce near-boiling water so you can expect the odd spillage to have an effect over time unless you are careful with your choices.

The Return of Quartz

In fairness, quartz never really went out of fashion so to say it has made a comeback is something of an overstatement. That said, quartz has been very on-trend in kitchens this year when it has been used to set the tone for the entire look. This has meant we’ve seen lots of quartz floor tiles being installed as well as worktops. As it is such a hygienic material, it will probably come as no surprise that it is also being increasingly used for splashbacks as well as work surfaces in many new kitchen designs.If you’d like more information on our Tristone, Corian or Quartz worktops, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01787 844 663.

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