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The Positives Of Choosing A Corian Worktop

Corian is a multi-purpose solid surface material that was first developed by DuPont in the 1970s. It is far from old-fashioned, however, and is justifiably one of the most popular choices for kitchen worktops around these days. Because the material can be thermoformed, it is incredibly versatile with numerous applications but it is still probably best-known among British consumers as a kitchen worktop material. In the end, the reason for this is that it has very many benefits that will be highlighted in kitchen settings. What are they?


Because it is derived from alumina trihydrate and an acrylic polymer, Corian is incredibly tough. You can drop things on it without it marking and knock into it without causing any visible signs of damage. Its durability means you can expect a great deal of longevity, too, something that needs to be taken into account for its associated lifetime costs.

Easy To Clean

Many people like Corian worktops in their kitchen because there is very little you need to do to maintain it. When there is something you need to clean off, soap and water are sufficient in the vast majority of cases. If something particularly staining has been left for a while on the worktop – such as red wine, for example – then an application of an ammonia-based household cleaner will do the job.


There are some very attractive worktops around which allow water to penetrate them. These will need to be treated from time to time to prevent them from becoming more porous over time as they are used. This is not the case with Corian which keeps water out from day one.

Stain Resistance

As mentioned, Corian is child’s play to clean. This is in large part because it won’t stain easily in the first place. Where staining occurs, it can usually be removed without the application of a great deal of elbow grease.

A Seamless Appearance

Corian can be made so that you cannot detect where any joins might be. This is ideal if you have a large worktop that exceeds the standard lengths the material is supplied in. Of course, this means it is also handy for going around corners and creating worktop returns. By sanding and polishing joins, they will become virtually imperceptible.


Some kitchen worktops look great when they are first fitted but lose some of their lustre as they age. This is often down to exposure to ultraviolet light. South-facing windows and overhead skylights will often allow too much sunlight in. However, with Corian’s UV-resistant properties, this is not an issue.

Easy To Repair

Where cuts and scratches occur, they can be buffed out with relative ease. Corian can be sanded down to remove any accidental burrs or marks, unlike some other materials.

Heat Resistance

Finally, Corian is great at handling hot items. Although direct heat exposure ought to be minimised – as with all worktops – Corian can handle short-term exposure to heats up to 100 ºC.

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