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Improve The Value Of Your Home With Quartz Worktops

Quartz happens to be one of the most popular materials for worktops, in both kitchen worktops and bathroom worktops. It’s a fantastic stone in that it’s super durable and can be created to suit almost any aesthetic with varying colours and styles.

Add to this the fact that quartz has been known to help improve the value of your home, along with of course, the look and functionality and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

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Quartz vs. Granite: Which Is The Best?

One of the biggest questions we’re asked here at Total Tops surrounds the differences between quartz and granite. Granite is another incredibly durable stone, with a multitude of pros and cons, just like quartz. The main difference between the two however lay in not only price but also the maintenance required.

Quartz can often come out slightly more expensive but there’s a reason for that and that’s the fact that it’s far less porous than granite. This means it doesn’t need sealing and in the vast majority of cases is a lot easier to keep clean and hygienic.

With that in mind, quartz is often seen as a much better long-term investment and while you may pay out more in the first instance, you’ll see a much better return on your investment through the value of your home.

Increase Your Home’s Value Thanks To The Quartz Aesthetic

One of the main reasons that quartz wokrtops have the ability to increase your home’s value is down to its aesthetic. Unlike the likes of granite, quartz can be cut and produced to create any look you want.

From beautiful striking patterns to seamless, unwavering colour throughout your entire kitchen. Quartz offers such a range of designs and colours that it can practically cater to anyone, regardless of the look or style you’re going for.

With such clarity in the designs and colours too, it can make a huge impact in any room it’s placed, which will without a doubt add to the property’s value.

Next-to-no Maintenance Means More Appeal

One of the best ways to improve any home’s value is to make it as low maintenance as possible and that’s exactly what you get with quartz. As we mentioned previously, it’s far less porous than granite which means there’s no need to seal it annually. To clean it, you simply wipe with a damp cloth and a simple disinfecting cleaning solution.

This keeps it looking clean but also keeps it bacteria free as bacteria doesn’t have a chance to absorb into the worktop. Being so easy to maintain too, quartz manages to keep its value unlike others which can begin to look tired and worn over time without the proper care and attention.

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There are numerous trends for the kitchen in 2020 but these are by far our favourite. If you’d like help creating a truly impactful worktop for your kitchen, whether it’s to achieve a contrasting appeal or even to help bring two kitchen islands together, we recommend getting in contact with Total Tops, who supply and fit bespoke kitchen worktops throughout Essex, London and the South Of London. Call them today on 01787 844 663.

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