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We Are Among the Country’s Foremost Suppliers of Brown Quartz Worktops

Brown quartz worktops are made from the mineral quartz and resin in a superb combination that makes them durable, non-porous and ideal for use in modern kitchens.

Because of their toughness and appealing aesthetics, they are great choices for both kitchens and bathrooms.

At Total Tops, we are one of the leading suppliers of this type of worktop material in the entire country, especially in the South East of England.

The Ideal Worktop for Any Kitchen

Thanks to the rise in popularity of brown quartz worktops, there are many more tonal choices available these days than ever before.

We’ve been installing quartz worktops for 20 years or so and the number of options in brown has grown rapidly meaning there is something for everyone.

No matter what sort of brown quartz kitchen worktop you are after, we’ll have something suitable.

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What Makes Brown Quartz Worktops Such a Popular Choice?

Thinking about brown quartz for your kitchen’s work surfaces but are not sure if this is the right material? If so, read about the many properties of this material which make it a great option for both kitchen worktops as well as bathroom worktops, too. There’s a reason why it has increased in popularity in both settings over the last few years, after all.

Colour Consistency

Despite being primarily made up of an entirely natural material, brown quartz worktops offer a consistent finish with solid colours, if wanted. As an engineered worktop surface, it has been designed to offer uniform aesthetics. This means that different slabs of it will line up with one another very well indeed, ideal for kitchens of all sizes.


A non-porous material in the kitchen or bathroom is very useful when it comes to dealing with splashes and spillages. Unlike other materials used for brown kitchen worktops today, quartz does not need to be sealed or resealed, making it ideal for busy kitchens, especially those with little ones running around inside.

Heat Resistance

Compared to a material such as wood, for example, quartz is extremely durable when it is exposed to heat. Using a heat stand is always advisable no matter what sort of worktop surface you have. That said, brown quartz is able to deal with most common problems, such as a hot saucepan being placed on it, for example.


To keep your kitchen free of germs and microbes, all you need to do is to wipe over your brown quartz kitchen worktop once in a while. The fact that liquids cannot penetrate its non-porous surface is great for preventing ground in dirt, too.

Maintenance Free

With no maintenance to carry out with your brown quartz kitchen worktops, there are no costs involved with looking after them. This is in complete contrast to wood and even granite, of course. Just wipe your worktops over with soapy water for day-to-day maintenance.

Brown Quartz Worktops Colours

Take a look through our wide range of quartz worktop colours.

all spice quartz

Allspice Quartz

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Find Out More About Our Superb Range of Brown Quartz Worktops

If you would like to get to know more about our brown quartz worktops and how they can create the right look in your kitchen or bathroom, then feel free to contact us right now.

Our friendly team is on hand to make the process of choosing the right brown worktop in quartz as straightforward as possible. Equally, we offer top-quality quartz worktops at some of the most competitive prices around, so our products are often more affordable than some people think.