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On the hunt for a versatile worktop with a designer finish? Grey Corian provides a multitude of styles and textures to suit any aesthetic. From dark, moody domestic spaces to minimalist commercial designs, when it comes to grey worktops, there is sure to be a grey Corian worktop that suits your style. 

Corian is a top worktop choice all over the world. Used in a wide variety of commercial applications, Corian can be found in hospitals and restaurants as well as in domestic spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. So if you have been searching for the perfect worktop material, look no further than the cool shades of grey Corian. 

Why Choose Corian?

Corian is the ideal worktop for those looking for both durability and a designer aesthetic. World-renowned for its easy upkeep and hygienic properties, it’s easy to see why Corian has remained a favourite choice for domestic and commercial worktops alike. Corian is a homogeneous material, so it is non-porous and thoroughly hygienic. In addition, grey Corian provides a low-maintenance worktop that will always look its best.

With Corian’s heat resistant properties, you don’t need to worry about accidentally burning or scarring your worktops. Corian worktops are also fully restorable, so if you encounter any minor scratches or stains, you can quickly restore them with a scouring pad and household cleaner.

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Southeast UK & London

From Norfolk to London, Liverpool to Brighton, we offer coverage throughout the South East and London, of our incredible black Corian countertops.

From initial design through to installation, our team will provide you with the first class service we’ve become known for.

Great Functionality

Corian is known for its functionality. It’s incredibly tough and durable making it the ideal solution for high traffic areas. It’s resistant to heat, bumps and scrapes; often coming out of mild collisions with stray pots and pans unscathed. Should it suffer damage however, the beauty about Corian is that it can be easily repaired, a service we also provide too. This means regardless of accidental damage, you could still enjoy a beautiful worktop that looks as good as new, years down the line.

Quality Aesthetics

Unlike other materials such as granite, Corian can actually be customised to a colour and finish to suit you.

Whatever colour, pattern or finish you’re looking for, Corian can be made to achieve exactly that and provide you with your dream worktop, with ease.

Grey Corian Ideas

Are you searching for a versatile worktop in a range of grey colours? Grey Corian comes in a variety of textures and hues ideal for any aesthetic.

Light Grey

Cool and chic, light grey Corian worktops look great with almost any colour scheme. The neutral hue combined with myriad textures and patterns makes for an intriguing worktop with a stylish finish. Light grey Corian is the obvious choice if you’re looking for a chic worktop that is easy to keep looking good.

Light grey Corian worktops can uplift and add new life to your kitchen. Unlike the clinical austerity of white worktops, light grey Corian worktops provide an airy solution that easily hides fingerprints and everyday mess. Try mixing light grey Corian worktops with birch or white oak cabinets for a minimalist Scandi style. Quintessential light grey Corian gives a clean finish to bathrooms of all sizes. Pair light grey Corian with white cabinets and muted blue accents, or try a monochrome palette that plays with varying shades of grey.

Dark Grey

If you’re after a worktop that will make your space pop, dark grey Corian worktops are the one for you. They make a fantastic addition to kitchens with an industrial aesthetic. Choose a dark grey Corian that picks up on the brutal textures of the surrounding steel or concrete. Pair dark grey worktops with reclaimed wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a refined finish.

Dark grey Corian worktops make a luxe addition to dark-hued bathrooms. The dynamic textures of dark grey Corian plays with the light to create a sultry effect. Perfect for bathroom counters as well as showers, baths and backsplashes, dark grey Corian is an adaptable choice with unlimited applications.

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