Solid Wood Worktops


Solid Wood Worktops & Wooden Work Surfaces

At Total Tops we also specialise in providing and installing bespoke solid wood worktops in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any kitchen or bathroom. Manufacturers in Oak worktops, Beach worktops, Iroko worktops, and Walnut worktops, we produce solid wood worktops using the finest woods selected by our own expert craftsman to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Solid Wood Kitchen Worktops

We can create bespoke solid wood worktops to suit any kitchen, bathroom or home, with either a modern or traditional aesthetic to suit your taste. Our wooden worktops are available in a variety of finishes and colours to add character, warmth and depth to your home.

Custom/Bespoke Wooden Kitchen Worktops Available

We stock a huge variety of solid wood worktops for solid wood kitchen countertops and solid wood bathroom countertops. Custom designed for each individual client, room and requirement, we can design a bespoke wooden countertop to ensure long lasting durability with minimum upkeep.

Beech Wood Worktops

Graced with an attractive and prominent grain pattern and a light finish, our beech wood worktops are built to withstand the test of time. Manufactured from sustainable sourced timber, each beech wood worktop is designed to add a striking addition to your bathroom or kitchen, with a naturally durable timber built to last for years without diminishing in shade or appeal.

Oak Wood Worktops

A popular worktop for many years, a solid oak wood worktop provides your home with a classic charm and a warm homely finish. Our custom designed solid oak worktops are created to darken and mature gradually, meaning that your worktop will only improve over time. This naturally solid wood provides resilience and durability with a grain that adds character to any wooden worksurface.

Iroko Wood Worktops

With a high oil content, this African wooden worktop is naturally hygienic with hardwearing surfaces. Stunning in appearance, an Iroko wood worktop’s innate qualities and detailed grain provide beauty with durability, with a golden surface that will mature into a rich bronze as the wood ages.

Walnut Wood Worktops

An extremely robust worksurface, walnut wood worktops have remained popular in homes for many years. With a rich colour variation and a curved grain, Walnut wood worktops provide a naturally decorative finish to your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Manufactured from the finest quality raw walnut wood by our own craftsmen, our walnut wood worksurfaces provide a cheap and affordable solution for a beautiful worktop with incomparable strength.

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Coved Up Stands – New Range

Our skilled and innovative craftsman are also able to offer our customers the industry’s first solid woodwork surfaces with coved up stands. With a wooden coved up stand we are able to add a modern and stylish twist to an otherwise more traditional work surface to transform your kitchen into something truly special.

Our expert carpenters can apply seamless joints effortlessly to create a smooth and continuous finish and ensure your surface is easy to clean and dust free.

Chopping Boards

Total Tops provide luxury chopping boards, custom designed, in any wood, shape and finish of your choice. A high-quality chopping board is not only a pleasure to prepare food on, but also adds an elegant finish to your polished kitchen while protecting the surface of your worktop and adding longevity.

To see more solid wood worktop choices and finishes we have available, please look through the options below:

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