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What Are Minerva Worktops?

Total Tops supply and install Minerva worktops at a discounted price. Being 30% cheaper than high street kitchen showrooms, we are the right choice to make when it comes to choosing this new solid worktop or work surface material which is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Minerva worktops are a proven and reliable product at the forefront of modern work surface technology. Total Tops supply and install Minerva worktops at a discounted price.

Why do people choose Minerva Worktops?

With the appearance of real stone, our Minerva worktops are made from the finest materials which produce an aesthetically appealing and smooth surface. This special worktop may look like real stone, but it certainly doesn’t come with the cost or inherent drawbacks real stone brings, making it a refreshing alternative. Our Minerva worktops are cost affective and simple to install, offering you one of the best options to pick in the work surface market.

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Benefits of Minerva Worktops?

Choosing our Minerva work surfaces comes with many advantages:

Easy Cleaning – Incredibly, most dirt and light residue found on the surface can be wiped clean with adamp cloth and soapy water, and does not require any specialist cleaning. Enabling you to easily achieve that hassle-free sparkle.

Heat Withstanding – In comparison to alternative surface materials, the Minerva worktop can withstand a much higher degree of heat. Used pots, pans and other heated products should however still be kept away from direct contact to the surface, to avoid any damage at all.

Unlikely Staining – With the Minerva surface being porous, means it will resist most household chemicals, for example alcohol and cosmetics, however, some harsh chemicals or strong dyes may cause some damage and discolouration.

Available in a variety of colours, the seamless joins and sleek smooth finish, makes place for the perfect luxury addition to any kitchen. Ready in multiple lengths, widths and depths, our Minerva work surfaces are extremely easy to fit, so with installation by us, we will ensure minimal hassle and no stress.There is no need to worry about expensive and time-consuming templating usually associated with solid surface products.

Whether it is a worktop, breakfast bar or sink module you need, choose Total Top’s Minerva work surface for a glistening and luxurious design look. Personalised to fit your space, your kitchen will be left looking effortlessly chic with this advanced and high-spec surface design, making Minerva the appropriate selection for any home.

Minerva Worktop Colours

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