Total Tops is one of the UK’s leading worktop installers. Our team manufactures, supplies and install the finest granite worktopsnationwide at reasonable price, to an excellent standard.

Granite worktops are understandably popular. Not only are they perfect for warm summers they also work well during harsh winters. For this reason, granite worktops are particularly popular in Nordic countries, and have been so for decades. We are not happy to see them growing in popularity in the UK too.

Granite Worktop Installation
Customers can rely on Total Tops to provide a fantastic service. With a reputation for high quality granite worktop installation, our customers recommend us time and time again.

At Total Tops ourgranite worktop installation process is as simple as it possibly can be. We do not believe in job hopping and job disruption. Instead we work on one job at a time, ensuring that each customer get the service they deserve.

Benefits of choosing a Granite worktop
• Placing hot items or cutting on granite will never damage the surface.
• Granite worktops are Sanitary as they are non-porous
• The various minerals within granite add depth and character to your worktops making every granite top different.
• The colour of granite countertops never fades.
• Granite is renowned for adding value homes.