Total Tops is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Dekton worktops. Dekton worktops are manufactured by imitating the metamorphic change rocks suffer across thousands of years in an industrial environment. The process results in a new and revolutionary range of products which are completely non-porous.

Very Resistant
Dekton worktops are extremely resistant to heat and scratches. If you require a durable worktop which works as well outside as inside a Dekton worktop is the definitive choice for you. Furthermore, Dekton is high resistant to UV rays. For this reason, it makes a perfect choice for both interior and exterior applications as it never fades.

Another great feature of Dekton is its versatility and can be used both in and outdoors. Furthermore, you can choose from Smooth Mate which offe4res a great resilient and classic look or X-Gloss which comes with a highlight reflective sheen, meaning you can change the look to better suit varying uses. For bathrooms and wet rooms, we suggest an anti-grip finish which offers further slip resistance.

Range of Thicknesses
Dekton comes in a variety of thicknesses which can be tailored to your worktop needs and desires.

Dekoton is manufactured to be very hygienic. Made with the customer in mind, Quartz stone and the other raw materials it comprises of are non-porous and extremely sanitary.

Benefits of Dekton worktops:
• High UV Resistance
• High Scratch Resistant
• Stain Resistant
• Abrasion Resistant
• Resistant to Freezing and Thawing
• Versatile
• Non-porous
• Range of thicknesses
• Hygienic